Andrew Delahunty

Please allow me introduce Andrew Delahunty to you – at least, I assume this is him. I found this picture on a website called lovereading4kids, where Andrew is described as “a lexicographer and writer on language with many years’ experience compiling dictionaries and thesauruses for children”. In our project, we encountered him as the co-author of Edmund Weiner for the second edition The Oxford Guide to English Usage published in 1994 (the book is included in our HUGE database).

But search though I did, I’ve not been able to find out any more about him (there’s not much about him on the web). That is, other than that his career as a lexicographer appears to have set off as a result of the joint project with Weiner. Could anyone put me in touch with him please?


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2 Responses to Andrew Delahunty

  1. Stan Carey says:

    Assuming it’s the same Andrew Delahunty, he has written occasionally for Macmillan Dictionary Blog, which I also contribute to. I’ve passed this request on to the editors.

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