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Effect an effect

Here is Kate Taylor’s first blogpost (Kate is another of my MA course Testing Prescriptivism students). In my experience there are three levels of knowledge regarding the uses of the words effect and affect: imagine these three levels as the tiers … Continue reading

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Hodge and Byron F. Caws

Walking along Fleet Street in London last week, we sidetracked a little to have a look at Dr Johnson’s house in Gough Square. The first thing you see when entering the square is a statue of Johnson’s cat, Hodge. But … Continue reading

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Back to school: buy Fowler

I was just forwarded an email from OUP USA which announces a Back to School 2013 offer of a 65% reduction on book prices. The list of books on offer include Fowler’s Modern English Usage, at half-price, which is good, … Continue reading

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Who was Sir Ernest Gowers?

While browsing in one of the many second hand bookshops in Scotland, I came across a familiar name: Sir Ernest Gowers. Gowers, known for his revision of H.W. Fowler’s Modern English Usage, also published other reference works such as the … Continue reading

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The ain’t forecast:

For the past 150 years, the ain’t forecast has been mostly heavy showers with some sunny patches – much like a European summer – but how do things look now? Here is a brief run-down of the prescriptivists-family reaction to … Continue reading

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HUGE database

The creation of a database of English usage guides and usage problems: the Hyper Usage Guide of English, or HUGE-database, is one of the sub-projects within Bridging the Unbridgeable. It is the first database to combine more than two hundred years of usage advice … Continue reading

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Focussing? Focusing?

A while ago, I used to get phone calls from colleagues from all over the university with questions like how to write focussing, with single or double s. As a member of the English department I was expected to know these … Continue reading

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