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Have you ever heard anybody say hain’t?  Have you seen it written down somewhere for have not or has not? Until this morning I was totally unfamiliar with the expression. To be honest, I  only knew of the existence of … Continue reading

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Grammar: Days and Tests

Earlier this month, March fourth to be precise, National Grammar Day was celebrated in the U.S. I like to think was the impetus for many dinners of punctuation-meatloaf (or walnut loaf for the veggie punctuation partiers among us). The day … Continue reading

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HUGE database

The creation of a database of English usage guides and usage problems: the Hyper Usage Guide of English, or HUGE-database, is one of the sub-projects within Bridging the Unbridgeable. It is the first database to combine more than two hundred years of usage advice … Continue reading

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Fun with Codification

During the last months, I’ve been assisting in compiling the Bridging the Unbridgeable project’s database of usage guides and usage problems – which will be launched at a lunch lecture this Friday. This has been a wonderful and interesting experience … Continue reading

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A Database of English Usage Guides & Usage Problems

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The project Bridging the Unbridgeable’s Monthly Lunch Lecture is very proud to present: A Database of English Usage Guides & Usage Problems Since historical (socio-) linguists of the English language have begun to study the topic of usage, there has been … Continue reading

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The Art of Usage Guides

This morning, while I was browsing around one of my favorite websites brainpickings.org, I came across an article which mentions the 2005 edition of William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s classic The Elements of Style. This edition is illustrated by … Continue reading

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Cutting w/o pasting

Watch this little slideshow. It shows how we prepare the usage guides before we feed them into our scanner. We hope to be able show you a more complete video of how we construct our database later. Since we cannot … Continue reading

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Grammar Rock

In a single day of reading, copying, pasting, and generally mulling over usage guide entries, grammar songs – such as Conjunction Junction and that one about pronouns – occur to me more often than I care to admit. Although these … Continue reading

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Usage guides for our collection

Kate Wild, one of our contributors, has kindly lent us two copies of her usage guides: anon., A Dictionary of Daily Blunders. London: Whittaker & Co (1880) anon. Many Mistakes Mended. New York: N. Tibbals & Sons (1886). The first of this … Continue reading

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Your favourite usage guide?

“How can our listeners help you?” was a question Tom Holland asked  when he interviewed Ingrid Tieken on the BBC Radio 4 programme Making History (broadcast: Tuesday 18 October 2011). Listeners of Making History can help us by telling us … Continue reading

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